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It's that time of year, where you need to change your wardrobe and get cosy for the darker months. 

Also perfect timing to treat yourself to some new tights!

We recently caught up with Vicky at hose.tights who gave us an insight to behind the scenes. 


Can you tell me a little about Hose and yourself?

hose. tights is a small business specialising in hand screen printed tights based in Washington (North East, England)

I’m Vicky and I’ve owned hose. since May 2018 before that the business belonged to my cousin Rebecca who created it in 2012.

The inspiration for the hose.screen printed stripe comes from the traditional seam that travelled up the back of hosiery and the femininity it brought to a woman’s leg. The intention of hose. tights is to add a playful and modern spin to that traditional style.


What do you enjoy most about being self employed?

I enjoy the freedom being self employed gives you when planning your time and the creativity you can put into every aspect of the business. I also like that no 2 days are the same… and that I get to wear slippers while printing if I want to.




What or who inspires you most?

Other creatives and small business owners inspire me most. I love to find out how other people work, what drives them and what their workspace looks like.


What is your studio space like? Have you a pic?

I have a print space set up in the garden shed and a workspace in the house, I love them both equally.




Do you offer custom designs? Have you any future collabs?

I do offer custom designs. I haven’t currently got any collabs lined up but it’s always something I’m interested in.


When your not busy with Hose, what else do you enjoy?

When I’m not busy with hose. I enjoy all sorts of creative activities. My latest side projects have included dressmaking, customising converse, knitting, printmaking. I also love to read and I’m a big fan of basketball.


Whats your future plans with Hose?

My future plans for hose. include expanding the product line to include other accessories, grow my list stockists and maybe offer ‘print your own’ workshops at some point.



We currently stock a fab range of these tights! Be sure to check them out!

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